Ear Candle

With earcandling, the volatile propolis releases and penetrates into the ear to soften earwax. The heat reinforces lymphatic circulation and the warm air creates a depression and suction “chimney effect” at the ear opening. This helps eliminate waste deposits and water from the ear canal, and relieve unpleasant “blocked ear” feelings.

How does it work?

Ear candling looks to remove blockages within the ear canal without the need for syringes or solutions. The practitioner uses special spiral shaped cones made of natural fibres, beeswax, herbs and essential oils. The spiral shape of the cone causes air to be pulled down into the ear.

As it burns, the cones ingredients turn to vapou and the airflow creates a vibrational effect. Warmth, vibration and vapou massage the ear canal breaking down any blockages. Wax, toxins and impurities are then drawn out by suction from the heat and vacuum effect of the burnng cone.