A wide range of hand tequniques are used to manipulate the soft tissues in the body to ease the tension of muscles, joints and limbs. Chinese massage can restore the balance of energy flow, relaxation and harmony throughout the body. The benefits of acupressure include: sleep enhancement, improve joint flexibility, improve lymphatic system, boost immunity system, headache relief, relax the muscles, improve memory and skin beauty.

How does it work?

Ancient Chinese philosophy states that acupressure restores the balance of Yin and Yang by freeing our life energy or qi (chi) that flows through channels (known as meridians) under the skin. By putting pressure on specific points (known as ‘acupoints’) of the channels that have become blocked, the practitioner stimulates the body’s healing response and thereby helps to restore its natural balance.

Acupuncture techniques also involve elements of massage which improves other functions in the body such as hormone release (responses to injury and stress), circulation (blood pressure and heart rate) and digestion (secretion of gastric acid).