Allergy Test

We test for over 400 everyday items including everything you are likely to eat, drink, or breathe-in during normal everyday activities. These include vegetables, fats, dairy products, meats, poultry, fish, fruit nuts, dust mites, animal hair, aerosols, air scents, grass, nicotine, yeast, spirits, flowers, cosmetics, shampoos, biological washing products, bleaches, cleaners, fluorescent lighting, power pylons, etc. We simply take a sample of your hair and fill in a questionnaire.

How does it work?

Allergic reactions occur when the body comes into contact with a harmless substance (an allergen) that it believes is invading it. Allergens contain protein and can be dust, pollen, animal fur, grass, insects, milk, eggs and peanuts. The immune system releases an antibody to defend the body which in turn releases other chemicals that combine to cause symptoms of irritation and inflammation.