Herbal Medicine

There are hundreds of types of natural herbs used for health and therapeutic purposes. In Chinese herbal therapy, up to 10 types of herbs are used in suitable proportions for each condition, tailor made by an expert practitioner. The precise formula and dosage of herbs as well as the duration of the treatment may alter according to the patient’s condition. Chinese medicine believes that Prevention is better than Cure. Tonic medicine can improve the body’d natural immune response and prevent an illness before it would normally occur.

How does it work?

Plants and herbs contain nutural substances. These substances have healing properties and can impact on the various functions of the body. By creating herbal medicine for specific conditions and ailments, Herbalists look to boost the immune system, regulate internal organs and aid the body’s natural healing process.

Unlike pharmaceutical medicine that takes on a generic prescription to treat everyone, herbal medicine comprises of a number of herbs that are tailored to suit the individual’s problem and therefore no two prescriptions will be the same.